International Day of Women and Girls in Science


UNESCO is proud to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, focused on promoting women in science, at its headquarters at seven Place de Fontenoy – Room IV, on Friday, 9 February 2018. Science and gender equality are both vital for the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals, including the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This event will have many exciting personalities such as Audrey Azoulay the Director-General of UNESCO, Alexandra Palt the Executive Vice President of the L’Oréal Corporate Foundation, and Jean-Paul Lainé the President of the World Federation of Scientifics Workers. The event will include roundtable discussion on the gender gap in computer sciences and presentations on gender equality, women’s Empowerment within science, and equal opportunities within education. Please register  here to take part  or follow the live stream of the event.

Isabel Ruiz Mallen

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