University of Bristol

Ellie Cripps

Ellie CrippsEllie is the Schools Partnership Coordinator at the University of Bristol. She coordinates the School-University Partnership Initiative (SUPI), building relationships with local schools to engage school students with cutting-edge research at the university. Previously she managed the STEM Ambassador programme for Bristol and Bath, linking local schools with volunteers working in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths and advising teachers on how to engage their pupils with STEM subjects. Ellie also has experience training researchers in science communication using her background in performing arts. She has performed in a number of theatre productions both in Bristol and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Ellie Hart –  Centre For Science and Philosophy

Ellie HartShe is a philosophy practitioner working with schools and organisations, facilitating philosophical enquiries and training others in philosophical enquiry approaches. She created and co-ordinates the Philosophy Exchange project at the University of Bristol, which sees philosophy undergraduates working alongside class teachers to facilitate philosophy sessions in Bristol primary schools. She has an academic background in philosophy of science and is working on the PERFORM project creating and delivering philosophy of science training for Early Career Researchers participating in school workshops.



Jon James

Jon JamesJon James is a full-time member of staff at the University of Bristol, leading and teaching on several science teacher training courses. Prior to working at the University he spent over 20 years working in a variety of roles in UK schools and as a local government adviser for science education. He has been engaged with research projects examining teaching approaches that integrate literacy and science, and carried out work for the National Network of Science Learning Centres on the subject development needs of early career teachers. He is currently working on a Ph.D in the area of science teachers’ development of their knowledge for teaching. More recently he has been involved in interdisciplinary work that has developed a project to teach climate change in local Bristol schools, and has written about the challenges of engaging young people with climate change and global issues.

Vivienne Kuh

vivienne-kuhVivienne Kuh is a creative producer & project manager who works in public engagement at the intersection of science, technology and the arts. Studying philosophy as an undergraduate, since then, Viv has worked with universities, research funders, NGOs, arts organisations and creative businesses.  Her career has spanned the arts world, from fine art to immersive interactive live games and worked with academic historians to roboticists and everyone in between. She has a passion for helping people connect with the wonders of science and philosophy and is excited to explore the possibilities for new ways of doing this through the PERFORM project.