Increase the local impact of researchers

Are you a PhD or junior postdoc in Barcelona? You will have the opportunity to meet  an exciting team of experts, from philosophers of science to science performers and join a training with them, which has a special focus on sharing the human dimension of research. This refers to the possibility for scientists to engage with citizens, sharing practices and values that characterize scientific activity: collaborative work, critical thinking, constructive dialogue and questioning of established theories. The training sessions will combine theoretical with practical approaches to encourage participants to critically consider scientific practice and develop skills to share this approach with secondary school students. Alongside training, you will have the opportunity to put your skills into practice by participating in PERFORM workshops in secondary schools in Barcelona as scientific expert to support students in developing and performing their own scientific performances.

Workshops will be led by science performers The Big Van: Científicos Sobre Ruedas, who for this project are sharing their expertise in ‘stand-up comedy’.PERFORM provides you with a unique opportunity to develop engagement practice about your research, share insights and reflections with experts and students from a diversity of disciplines and contexts (including performers), and improve your communication skills to non-academic audiences (in this case, young people). PhD students and junior postdocs involved must be able to attend the training programme sessions at UAB -Univeristat Autònoma de Barcelona and be willing to participate in the school workshops (participation can be confirmed during the UAB training).

To apply, fill in the following online form before October 27th.

The training will take place at Univeristat Autònoma de Barcelona  every Thursday in November. The training Responsible Research and Innovation: how to increase the local impact of my research? is addressed to PhD students and young researchers who want to better connect their research with society and/or would like to gain practical experience in public engagement within educational contexts through innovative research methods. It will be delivered by a team of international researchers and practitioners from UK, France and Spain.

For more information, download the Programme here.

Isabel Ruiz Mallen

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