1, 2, 3, action! Exploring RRI values with students

PERFORM has started with a set of explorative workshops with secondary school students and teachers to collectively reflect about the Responsible Research and Innovation values in STEM education. Gender inequality and girls’ barriers in STEM, science-related stereotypes, and ethical issues in scientific research and practice are some of the topics discussed in selected secondary schools in Barcelona, Bristol and Paris. Results of such discussions will inform the development and design of science education methods based on performing arts.

Six focus groups have been developed by case study coordinators The Big Van Theory (TVBT) in Spain, Les Atomes Crochus (LAC) in France, and Science Made Simple (SMS) in UK with secondary school students from different socioeconomic status schools. The focus groups addressed the following issues:

  1. STEM: STEM market (TVBT)
  2. Stereotype: Stereo-Science-Type (TVBT)
  3. Ethics: recreate life (LAC)
  4. Challenges: our priorities for the world (LAC)
  5. Dialogue: science and me (SMS)
  6. Gender: guess who (SMS)

These are the participating schools:

Spain: Institut Europa (Hospitalet), IES Castellbisbal (Castellbisbal), IES Santa Eulàlia (Terrassa), IES Consell de Cent (Barcelona)

France: Collège Les Toupets (Vauréal), Collège La Grange aux Belles (Paris), Collège Marie Curie (Paris), Collège Jean Zay (Morsang sur Orge)

UK: Albany Academy (Chorley), Fairfield Highschool (Bristol), Brimsham Green School (Bristol), Derby High (Chorley)

Perform Project

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