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Responsible Research and Innovation – Claire Grierson 

Why is Responsible Research and Innovation important for scientists and for society? Hear Claire Grierson, Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Bristol, share her personal experiences of Responsible Research and Innovation.


Research Reproducibility – Marcus Munafo

Is science working optimally and is what is good for scientists always good for science? Marcus Munafo, Professor of Biological Psychology at the University of Bristol, shares his thoughts on research reproducibility. 


Reflexivity in Research – Livio Riboli-Sasco

Researchers: who are you, what are your values and how does this affect the way you do science? Dr Livio Riboli-Sasco of Atelier des Jours à Venir discusses how science is not neutral, why inclusivity and wellbeing matter and why scientists should slow down.


Creative Approaches to Public Engagement – Viv Kuh

Why should researchers engage with publics? How can creative arts help us explore ethical issues in science? Viv Kuh, Public Engagement Associate at the University of Bristol, discusses these questions and shares reflections from the PERFORM project. 




Research Ethics and Integrity

Reliability of Scientific Knowledge

Wellbeing at Work

Reflexivitiy in Research

Responsible Research Innovation

Performance approaches for exploring RRI


Perform Project

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