PERFORM protocol to develop performances inspired by science, technology and responsibility

A new document produced by The Big Van Theory team describes useful steps to design and implement a performance co-created by students, teachers, early career researchers and professional science communicators.  The document shows, step by step, how to use drama-based activities with students from 12 to 16 to introduce the human dimension of science in learning processes and to embed Responsible Research and Innovation values. It is a key instrument that turns into practice a wide set of observations and reflections developed during the last two years within the PERFOM research project. 

The bottom-up approach suggested is based on exploratory workshops developed with students to collect information about their views about science and technology, their expectations and concerns, their reflections and questions.


The observations developed during the exploratory workshops are the base to identify contents and concepts that are relevant to the students and that might be relevant for their peers and other audiences.

The protocol is the result of a wide set of field experiences in Spain, France and UK, in-depth set of observations and studies carried that have involved professional performers, students, teachers and communicators. To know more about the process and the observations developed a full report is available whereas the following document is a practical tool easy to be used immediately in schools and in other settings such as museums and both formal and informal learning contexts.




Performing arts-based activities protocol

Leonardo Alfonsi

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