2017, September 26-27. Science is Wonder-ful, Bruxelles (BE) and 29 September, Paris (FR), Valladolid and Madrid (ES) European Researchers’ Night. Science Made Simple, The Big Van Theory and the Traces team were all involved in the development of shows and activities in different locations where the European Researchers’ Night was held.

2017, August 25-28. Shanghai (China), Shanghai International Popular Science Products Expo 2017. Eusea and the Science Made Simple team presented the PERFORM project preliminary results and outcomes.

2017, July 8. London (UK), V International meeting SRUK (Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom). The Big Van Theory team took part into a roundtable on science engagement and presented a monologue titled “Brain and epigenetics”.

2017, July 19-21. Centre for Life in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (UK). The BIG (British Interactive Group) Event, Science Made Simple presented excerpts of the performance developed during the PERFORM project to the BIG event audience composed by professionals in science communication. The goal was to enhance the participatory approach of new science busking activities under development in the PERFORM project.

2017, June 16. Porto (PT), Ecsite Annual Conference. A session with the title “RRI: new collaborations for science communicators and researchers” was developed and held by Eusea the Science Made Simple team and Univeristat Oberta de Catalunya.

2017, May 31. Barcelona (ES), UOC open day. A presentation in a TED talk style of the PERFORM contents and structure to the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Research Showcase was delivered. The presentation was awarded the first prize.

2017, May 29-30. Leuven, Eusea Annual Conference Leuven. Eusea and the Science Made Simple team developed a workshop to present the PERFORM project and experience the meaning of participation in the development of STEM based performances. The workshop included stakeholders from the science communication field from all over Europe.

2017, May 16. Barcelona (ES). The Big Van Theory team took part in the  2nd Homo scientificus europaeus Meeting organized at the Ateneu Barcelones. Its aim is to foster the creation of a large pan-European community of citizen-scientists supporting the new social contract between science and society. During the session on RRI and participative Science the Perform project achievements where presented.

2017, May 6. Bruxelles (BE), European Commission Open Day. Science Made Simple and the Univeristat Oberta de Catalunya presented the busking activities and the format for innovation in STEM education developed by the PERFORM project.

2017, May 3. Bruxelles (BE), European Researchers’ Night Coordinators’ Day. The training opportunities for early career researchers under development in the PERFORM project were presented by EUSEA during the session at Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture.

2017, January 16. Reading (UK), Association for Science Communication (ASE) conference. Science Made Simple and Univeristat Oberta de Catalunya presented the PERFORM project through an oral communication on Participatory engagement with scientific and technological research through performance.

2016, December 14. Barcelona (Spain), Responsible research and innovation: how to maximize the local impact of my research?

2016, November 21-22. Brussels (Belgium),  RRI Tools Final Conference “Responsible Research and Innovation In Action”

2016, November 15. Brussels (Belgium), Opening Science to Society

2016, November 9-10. Paris (France), World Science Day 2016: PERFORM presented at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris

2016, June 9-11. Graz (Austria), ECSITE Annual Conference 2016

2016, May 18-19.Tartu (Estonia), EUSEA Annual Conference 2016

2016, April 26-28. Istanbul (Turkey), PSCT 2016 Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference: The Global Conference on Science Communication. TBVT Presenting “Participatory science education approaches based on performing arts” and LAC presenting “Spectacular science: a reflection about limits and opportunities”

2016, April 15-16. Leiden (Netherlands), TEMI Final Congress 2016: “Teaching the TEMI way” congress

2016, March 18. Barcelona (Spain), 1st HEIRRI Conference “Teaching Responsible Research and Innovation”. UAB and UOC presenting “Performing RRI in science education: How to measure the impact?”

2016, February 16. Madrid (Spain), SWAFS Info Day. Invited speech by Project Coordinator (UOC)